Canary Wharf corporate headshot photographer

One of the areas of expertise that we have at Nassau Street Studios is shooting environmental headshots, that is, headshots that are shot on location usually in an outdoor environment. As a Canary Wharf corporate headshot photographer, using the architecture as a backdrop provides a context for the shot which can convey something about the subject or the business they are representing. Financial services is an obvious example, but we can also use elements of architecture, light and the environment creatively to come up with images that have a more abstract background that can be used by most business types. Shooting a headshot on location can also tie in with company branding and create an image that is much more dynamic than a traditional headshot on a white background.

We’re always happy to discuss your requirements and come up with creative solutions as we strive to provide business and corporate headshots that are much more engaging and dynamic than formal business portraits. As photographers with over 20 years experience we are well versed in scouting out interesting locations and, just as importantly, finding and using light in a flattering and creative way. For us, correct use of light is paramount in creating a sympathetic and professional headshot.

As well as being a Canary Wharf corporate headshot photographer, we are regularly commissioned for location shoots in the city of London and the West End, reflecting the diversity of our clients from financial services, to pharmaceutical companies as well as architects and creatives.

Nassau Street Studios also provides studio lit headshots which can be a good option for social media profiles or for companies looking for consistency with their existing headshot portfolio. These can either take place at our studio in Central London or at your office. With our mobile studio kit, we can set up in most office environments and shoot several members of staff in one sitting.

Take a look at our portfolio page for more examples our work and get in touch for more details.